Going To A Practice That Does Cosmetic Dentistry in California, MD To Remove Surface Stains

When someone has teeth that are slightly discolored because of excessive coffee drinking, they will want to take steps to remove stains to improve the appearance of their smile. There are several steps that can be taken to accomplish this task. Here are some tips that will help with teeth whitening when stains are present.

Be Careful When Drinking Staining Liquids

While reducing the consumption of coffee will certainly stop additional stains from forming on the teeth, it is not necessary to avoid drinking it altogether. Limiting the number of cups of coffee someone drinks is helpful, however. When the person wishes to have a cup of coffee, they can use a straw to drink it. This helps to keep the liquid away from the surfaces of the teeth so staining is less likely.

Try Using Home Remedies To Reduce Discoloration

Eating strawberries is a helpful way to remove surface stains from teeth. Bite into a strawberry and rub the inner portion on affected areas. In time, doing this action regularly will reduce the intensity of discoloration. The inside of a banana peel yields similar results. In addition to using fruits for stain removal, brushing the teeth with a mixture of baking soda and water helps to remove stains from teeth. Limit the use of this method to once or twice a week for a minute duration. Brushing with baking soda too often leads to the deterioration of the enamel layer covering teeth.

See A Dentist To Get Some Professional Help

Going to a facility that deals with Cosmetic Dentistry in California MD is an option to remove stains in their entirety. A dentist will evaluate the condition of the teeth and take proactive steps for stain removal. This includes bleaching procedures, the addition of a white crown or filling over a stained portion of a tooth, or the prescribing of heavy-duty mouthwash to whiten teeth.

When there is a desire to get Cosmetic Dentistry in California MD done to reduce stains, seeing a practitioner known for their experience is best. Click here to schedule an appointment for an assessment today.

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