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Although many people become nervous when they hear they are in need of a root canal, this procedure has advanced over the years, allowing for less pain and recovery time. Most people liken the pain of a root canal to be similar to having a tooth filled. When the pulp of a tooth has been compromised with infection, a root canal can help to prevent the total death of the tooth and stop the painful symptoms. At Angstadt Family Dental, root canals are much easier to go through.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

Root canal procedures are done while a patient is under local anesthesia, so no pain is felt. Most people feel much more at ease knowing their comfort will be protected at all times during their root canal procedure. When the patient’s tooth is completely numb, the dentist will open the tooth to reveal the inner pulp.

The pulp of the tooth contains the connective tissue, blood vessels, and nerves. These are all removed by the dentist so the tooth is completely cleaned out. The dentist then uses special canal tools to reach into the minute canals and remove any infection.

Sometimes, the infection will need to be treated before the tooth is closed. Once the infection is clear, the dentist will fill the tooth but will use a different type of filling than when a cavity is being repaired. Gutta-percha is a material that is in the latex family. This natural rubber-like substance has the ability to contract and expand as temperature changes occur in the mouth. This is vital so the tooth does not crack under pressure.

On top of this material, the dentist will place a strong sealant and sometimes, a crown. Crowns further protect the tooth and help to ensure it will not break during the chewing process. Crowns also make the tooth look more attractive.

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