Differentiating Between Normal Wrigleyville Dental Issues and Emergencies

Experiencing severe oral pain is enough to stop you in your tracks. Many people believe that tooth pain is the worst pain that a person can experience. When this pain is coupled with bleeding and swelling, it is an indication of a dental emergency. It warrants a visit to an emergency dentist in Wrigleyville.

Not every painful tooth is an emergency. It is good to differentiate between normal oral health issues and those that require the care of an emergency dentist in Wrigleyville.

Generally, if dental care is needed to stop inflammation, stop bleeding, alleviate intense pain, or save a tooth, it is considered a dental emergency. If you are experiencing pain of this sort, it is recommended that you talk to your dentist right away.

There are other issues that are serious but that aren’t necessarily dental emergencies. For example, you may chip or crack your tooth. If it is extremely painful or if there are sharp fragments in your mouth, this is a dental emergency. However, if the tooth is chipped but there is no pain associated with it, the situation may hold for a day or two.

A toothache can also wait for treatment if you don’t have signs of an infection and there is no intense pain. Additionally, if you lose a crown or a filling, you can probably wait a couple of days to see your dentist. Some will just stick a piece of sugar-free gum into the cavity until they can visit the dentist.

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