Dentist in Charleston SC – How they help in keeping your Smile

A smile helps to spread joy; something we all can stand more of on a daily basis. In order to keep our mouth healthy and free of cavities, disease and tartar build-up, we need the help of a dentist. Some people have a fear of going to the dentist, but this need not be the case. It is possible to find a dentist who makes patients feel relaxed and well cared for.

Oral Hygiene

Your overall health is important to your dentist. When managing your general health, looking after your teeth and gums is paramount. The mouth and mucous membranes are open gateways to bacteria that could cause more damage to the system than most people realize. A tooth ache is not just an annoyance. It is the symptom of something being wrong, whether it is a cavity, an infection in the root of the tooth, or a more serious issue. Only a qualified Dentist can find the source of the tooth ache, and deal with it by extraction, filling, root canal or other means. Ignoring a tooth ache can be dangerous, as infection can spread from the mouth to the blood stream very quickly. It is important to visit a Dentist in Charleston SC right away if you have any new pain in your mouth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

A lost or chipped tooth doesn’t have to ruin a beautiful smile. A dentist can use implants or dentures to replace the entire tooth or multiple teeth. It is also possible to have a perfectly natural looking Veneer or Cap to cover broken parts of the tooth so that no one can detect the repair. Trusting your dentist to know what is right for you is the first step to restoring your self-esteem and bringing back your smile. In Charleston SC, a dentist can provide many options for bringing back the natural look of your teeth.

A smile says a lot about us to other people. White teeth indicate that we care about ourselves and our health. They indicate a sense of self-confidence and self-worth. We should protect our teeth, keeping them clean and free of tartar build-up. Brushing often will help to keep teeth clean, but some staining may still cause embarrassment. A dentist can whiten teeth so that they sparkle and shine. In the media, hundreds of celebrities and models flash gorgeous, straight and dazzling white teeth. It is a Dentist who is responsible for those beautiful perfect smiles. Your Dentist in Charleston SC can do the same for you with teeth whitening and regular cleaning.

When doing our best to look our best, some of us need to have our teeth straightened. There are some wonderful new innovations in the world of Braces. For kids and adults alike, there are now Invisible Braces that can help to straighten teeth while allowing the wearer to feel confident in revealing their smile. That is good news indeed.

Whether the issue is one of cosmetic, repair or prevention, seeing a dentist will ensure that your mouth is healthy and happy. Tatum Dentistry provides advanced dental services to people of all ages in the Charleston SC.

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