Dental Injuries Are Handled By the Dentist Near Evanston

When a dental injury occurs, it can leave a person with a great deal of pain. Not only are the symptoms of an injury difficult to deal with, but tooth injuries can also lead to the loss of teeth. It is essential for individuals to seek prompt dental treatment to ensure their oral health is protected. The dentist near Evanston offers a wide array of treatment options for teeth that have been damaged due to injury.

How Does the Dentist Diagnose Tooth Injuries?

When someone experiences blunt trauma to the teeth, they can end up experiencing tooth damage. Tooth damage ranges from mild to severe and can involve many types of injuries. When someone is injured, they need to see their dentist to determine the extent of the injury and what treatment needs to be put into place. With prompt treatment, an individual can avoid further damage.

The first step the dentist near Evanston will take is to assess the damage done to the tooth. If bleeding is a concern, it will need to be brought under control before the dentist will be able to see how much damage has been done.

An examination will first be carried out to determine the outer damage. The dentist will need to take X-ray films to see what damage has occurred internally. Internal damage is the most threatening because it can lead to pulp infections and abscesses.

How Does the Dentist Treat Tooth Injuries?

Tooth injuries are treated according to the type and severity. One of the most common methods of repairing damaged teeth is using a filling material. These materials can be used to repair cracks, openings, and other types of damage.

When a tooth has been damaged to the root, it will likely need to be pulled because the tooth will eventually die. Teeth that are severely damaged above the root can often be repaired using a filling method and a crown. The crown completely covers the tooth in protection.

If you are in need of dental care for your tooth injury, contact Stephens Dentistry right away. Ask them to schedule your appointment to get started.

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