Considerations When Buying a Clinic From a Broker Listing Dental Practice Sales in Arizona

A young couple, both dentists who completed their education a few years ago, have gained experience working in a multi-dentist practice and now want to start their own. Ideally, they’d like to move to a small town that doesn’t have a dentist or has one who will be retiring or relocating soon. Brokers listing dental practice sales in Arizona can help them find those retirees, allowing them the chance to buy an existing practice and not having to start from scratch.

A Primary Advantage

By buying a clinic through a brokerage listing dental practice sales in Arizona, the duo of dentists has the chance to start with a customer base and not have to begin with no patients at all. Some patients may not stick around, but a large percentage will, especially if they must otherwise travel to another town for a dental appointment. Nevertheless, the dentists should expect to need some type of marketing and advertising plan, even if it’s just setting up a website and social media page.

Doing Some Research

Before purchasing a clinic through a brokerage such as website, the dentists will want to do some research first. They’ll want to learn about the reputation of this place, as that reputation may follow them even after the other dentist leaves. They’ll want to learn whether the dentist will be relocating within easy driving distance, thus being able to lure away a significant number of patients.

Honoring Existing Agreements

If there are any written or oral agreements with current patients, those individuals will want to keep the agreements in place if possible. For example, the dentist who is leaving may have been willing to accept payment arrangements with patients who don’t have dental insurance. The buyers will need to decide whether they find this acceptable.

Leaving Comfort for Further Accomplishments

When these dentists leave the comfort of working for another practitioner and branch out on their own, they’ll be able to shape their own business and become more confident and accomplished. The rewards of running one’s own practice are great, and buying an existing one makes the initial process easier.

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