Common Types of Dental Restoration Offered by Dentists in Waikoloa, Hawaii

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Dental Care

If you have missing teeth or are missing parts of your teeth, one way that a dentist can help repair your teeth is through the use of dental restoration. Dentists in Waikoloa offer different types of dental restoration, depending upon your specific dental needs.


Dentists in Waikoloa use crowns when you have teeth which are decayed, broken or fractured. Sometimes a crown may be used to cover fillings or completed root canals. Crowns are coverings that go on a tooth, and commonly come in metal, porcelain or resin.


If you have any type of dental restoration, you are most likely to receive a filling. This very common dental restoration technique involves filling your tooth with resin, gold or silver amalgam. A filling is frequently required when you have a chipped tooth or cavity.


Sometimes your dentist will have to use customized fillings made out of ceramic or porcelain when your teeth have defective or damaged fillings. These customized fillings are inlays. Most dentists have inlays constructed by an outside laboratory.


If you have damage to your dental roots, you may need to have implants. An implant is a metal post placed inside of the socket of the bone where you are missing a tooth. Crowns are placed on implants to enhance the physical appearance of your teeth.


Dentures are simply removable teeth. Both partial and complete dentures exist, and your dentist chooses which ones to apply based on how many natural teeth remain healthy. Partial dentures may be used when you have some healthy natural teeth and include metal clasps that latch onto the natural teeth. Both partial and complete dentures are made of acrylic resin.

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