How to Clean and Care for Dentures in Amarillo, Texas

by | Jul 19, 2018 | Dental Care

Removable full or partial Dentures in Amarillo Texas offer patients who are missing multiple teeth the ability to restore normal speech and bite patterns. The dentures are designed to last, too, but only if patients take care of them properly. Read on to find out how to clean and care for dentures to learn how.

Remove and Rinse After Eating

Each time a patient uses his or her dentures to eat, they should be rinsed off. This will help to remove any loose food debris. After rinsing, place the dentures on a towel on the counter to avoid damaging them while they dry.

Handle Dentures Carefully

It’s important to hold and handle dentures carefully to avoid breaking or bending them. While they are made of durable materials, they do feature plastic clasps that can become damaged if they are dropped or handled improperly.

Clean the Mouth After Removing Dentures

After removing their dentures for the night, readers should brush their remaining natural teeth and gums with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Be sure to remove any denture adhesive from the gums and clean the tongue, cheeks, and palate as well as the gums and teeth.

Brush Dentures Daily

Dentures should be soaked and gently brushed using a nonabrasive cleanser at least once a day. This helps to remove any remaining food particles and prevent the buildup of plaque and other unwanted deposits. It’s important for patients who use dental adhesive to pay particular attention to cleaning the grooves in their dentures to remove any lingering adhesive.

Soak Overnight

The majority of Dentures in Amarillo, Texas must be soaked nightly to retain moisture and keep their shape. Simply place them in a mild soaking solution or water and be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding what solution to use.

Rinse Thoroughly After Soaking

Dentures should be rinsed thoroughly each morning before being placed in the mouth. The chemicals used in denture soaking solutions often contain chemicals that can be harmful if swallowed, so it’s important not to neglect this step.

Schedule Regular Checkups

Be sure to schedule regular visits to a clinic like Panhandle Dental to ensure a proper fit and prevent discomfort. Visit the website to learn how to schedule an appointment today.

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