Choosing Between Dental Amalgam and Composite Fillings in Indianapolis

The dental filling is among the oldest technologies in the world of dentistry. The techniques and materials used to fill dental cavities have evolved with time, and patients are no longer limited to one choice when it comes to treating dental cavities.

Out of the dozen materials used for filling cavities, composite and dental amalgam are the most common. The main difference between the two materials is the color. Amalgam fillings are made of metal alloys, while the composite fillings are made from materials that match the color of the teeth.

Amalgam fillings were the most popular choice among patients a few years ago, but composite fillings have overtaken them. Many patients looking for dental fillings in Indianapolis, IN prefer composite fillings, because they look like natural teeth.

Although these dental fillings have a lot of similarities, the amalgam fillings triumph over composite fillings in a few aspects. For instance, the amalgam dental fillings are more robust, and therefore, they can withstand chewing that would otherwise damage the tooth.

What Dental Filling Should You Choose?
Only a dentist in Indianapolis, IN can tell you which type of dental filling is right for you. Still, you need to know that your choice for dental filling will be determined by the location of the cavity. If you have a cavity at the back of your mouth, the dentist may recommend an amalgam filling, while composite filling will be used in the front teeth.

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