Biggest Dental Myths

There is a lot of great dental information. However, you have to be careful about believing everything that you hear. There are many dental myths that need to be debunked.

You do Not Need to See A Dentist if Nothing is Wrong

You will need to see a dentist twice a year regardless of whether you feel something is wrong. You may not notice subtle changes in your dental health. However, subtle changes can lead to serious dental problems. Many people end up needing dental extractions in Chicago because they do not go to the dentist.

Sparkling Water is Good for My Teeth

Sparkling water is better for your body than soda. However, it is not good for your teeth. Carbonated beverages are acidic. This can destroy your enamel and lead to tooth decay. If you choose to drink sparkling water, then you will need to drink it through a straw.

Using Mouthwash is Just as Good as Brushing

A splash of mouthwash can freshen your breath. It may also remove plaque and bacteria. However, it is no substitute for brushing your teeth. You will still need to brush your teeth twice a day.

Oral Health Does Not Affect Your Overall Health

Your mouth can affect your entire body. Many studies have shown that poor oral health can lead to respiratory infections and heart disease.

Everyone Needs to Have Their Wisdom Teeth Pulled

Most people will need to have their wisdom teeth pulled. However, you will not need to have your wisdom teeth pulled unless there is a problem.

Baby Teeth Are Not Important

Baby teeth will eventually fall out. However, you still have to take care of them. If a person has problems with their baby teeth, then they will likely have problems with their permanent teeth.

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