Benefits Of Dental Implants

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Dentist

Tooth loss is a very common problem. Some people lose teeth due to an accident, such as being hit in the mouth with a blunt object. Others lose teeth due to poor dental hygiene and decay. There are two common treatments for tooth loss. The first is a dental bridge, which is a false tooth held in by brackets. The second is dental implants, which are permanently inserted into the jaw. Of the two options, dental implants in Plano, TX has the most benefits.

Dental Implants are Permanent

When a person uses dental bridges to treat their tooth loss, they would need to have a new bridge made every few years. Over time, this can get expensive. Because dental implants are installed right into the jawbone, they are permanent. Therefore, they never need to be replaced.

Dental Implants are Easy to Clean

Dental bridges need to be cleaned daily. The proper way to clean dental bridges is to take them out and let them soak in a case overnight. This will kill any bacteria on the bridge. Dental implants are much easier to clean. Since they don’t need to take them out, the individual would simply brush them the way that they do their natural teeth.

Anything Can Be Eaten

When an individual has dental bridges, there are certain things that they cannot eat. Hard foods such as candy, pizza crust, and ice can break the bridge. The same is true with sticky food, such as taffy or gum. When a person has dental implants, they don’t need to worry about anything being broken. Therefore, they can eat anything that they want.

No Risk to the Surrounding Teeth

Dental bridges use the surrounding teeth as an anchor to hold the bridge in. This can cause the surrounding teeth to be damaged. Since dental implants are anchored right into the jawbone, the surrounding teeth will not be damaged.

Tooth loss can have a negative effect on a person’s appearance. If an individual wants to go with the treatment with the most benefits, they should consider dental implants in Plano, TX. For more information on dental implant treatments, contact Lone Star Dental Care.

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