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by | Dec 16, 2019 | Dental Care

The teeth and gums of you and your family are important to your daily activities and comfort, as well as your overall health. When you’re seeking the finest in Basking Ridge NJ General dentistry, Bedminster Family & Cosmetic Dentistry will be happy to oblige.

From your very first appointment, we strive to make you feel welcome and comfortable. We understand that patients – both young and not so young – can experience concerns and even fears about coming to the dentist. With a gentle touch and professional service, we put your anxieties to rest. Before you know it, you’ll enjoy coming to your routine appointments.

Dr. Mavrostomos is completely dedicated to providing you with the best dental care. For this reason, he stays abreast of new industry developments though education classes and personal study. Along with the dentists, our hygienists and office staff make your visits and treatment safe, effective and even relaxing. Whether it just takes a few reassuring words, or some work with sedation dentistry, we’ll find the right solution.

The advancements of dental care in recent decades are simply astonishing. We are capable of so much in terms of maintenance, as well as disease prevention, detection and treatment. Things like x-rays and the digitization of records have allowed us to greatly improve the level of care we offer, and we are excited to be a part of the industry at this time. For the patient, these changes mean that routine appointments are more necessary than ever, as we can spot problems before you even know they’re there, and take care of them with less time and expense.

If you love to spend time browsing the Internet, take a few minutes to check out our website. There, you can find a plethora of information about us personally and professionally, as well as our backgrounds in education and location. We love the diversity of our office staff, and believe it makes our practice better, and more equipped to serve a variety of patients. Please visit the site for biographies on our team members, and so much more.

Maybe your teeth are healthy, but you’ve always wanted whiter, straighter or more well spaced teeth. No problem! Bedminster Family & Cosmetic Dentistry specializes in cosmetic dentistry, and will work with you to find the best treatment for your specific situation. Your smile plays a part in your confidence and mental health, and we want to help you enjoy a dazzling and long lasting grin. Get in touch with us any time to learn more about cosmetic dentistry.

For Basking Ridge NJ family dentistry that’s caring, effective and complete, contact Bedminster Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. We very much look forward to serving you and your family for years to come!

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