A Cosmetic Dentist in Atlanta Can Transform a Patient’s Smile

by | Jun 9, 2022 | Dentist

A beautiful smile provides a warm welcome to the world and greatly enhances a patient’s appearance. Those who possess an attractive smile are often more confident in their everyday activities. From seeking a job promotion to securing a part in the school play, a nice smile improves self-esteem and may even boost opportunity potential. For patients who feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about a certain aspect of their smile, a Cosmetic Dentist in Atlanta can offer gentle corrective procedures.

Teeth Whitening Lets Patients Flaunt Their Smile

Sometimes regular brushing isn’t enough to prevent tooth discoloration. Even those with a strict oral care routine can experience unsightly yellowing at times. A less than perfect diet that includes frequent sweets, coffee or red wine can easily result in stained teeth. For smokers, discolored teeth may be more related to their daily habits than what food or drinks they consume. Fortunately, affordable tooth whitening can remedy or vastly improve the problem in just a short period of time. Patients typically experience a total smile transformation within a couple visits.

Restore Function to Damaged Teeth

Many times, a substantial cavity affects the future outlook of a tooth. If the issue is not corrected, the tooth may need to be extracted at a later date. Dental crowns are an effective way to protect and preserve teeth, allowing patients to maintain a healthy smile. A crown covers the entire tooth and is generally applied with a strong bonding cement. This keeps the new cap securely in place, so damage doesn’t occur while the patient is chewing. Before application of a dental crown, the dentist will take an impression of the tooth to ensure a proper fit.

A Strong Solution for Missing Teeth

Injuries, gum disease and tooth decay can all result in missing teeth. Regardless of the cause, a Cosmetic Dentist in Atlanta can correct a patient’s smile with implant restoration. Dental implants are a permanent fix and provide more strength for chewing than traditional dentures or bridges. Implants are secured to the jaw using a tiny screw that integrates into the jaw bone within a couple of months. A crown is then placed over the implant to help it blend naturally with the surrounding teeth.

Accidents, poor oral hygiene and age can all take their toll on teeth. While some damage may be unavoidable, a skilled cosmetic dentist can improve and repair smiles for patients of all ages.

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