Why Dental Implants In Toronto Are A Better Option Than Traditional Dentures

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Dentist

When a person loses teeth, either due to physical trauma or a genetic condition, the most relied upon alternative is to wear dentures, and while they are a good short-term fix, other treatment options are designed to provide a more realistic smile. One of the most popular ways to replace missing teeth is to use Dental Implants Toronto. Though they do cost more upfront, they are designed to last a lifetime and come with the following benefits when compared to dentures or bridges.

Prevent Bone Loss

The biggest drawback to other tooth replacement appliances is that they will often lead to bone loss, and in extreme cases may cause the cheeks of the face to become sunken in. Implants are attached directly to the bone and encourage circulation, which will keep the jaw intact and prevent the embarrassing denture shrinkage that happens as a person ages. Dentures are also a harbor for germs and bacteria and may cause halitosis.

Natural Chewing

Dentures, no matter how well made, will cover the roof of the mouth and change how a person chews and drinks, not to mention the embarrassment that occurs when food and other particles become lodged behind the appliance. Dental implants in Houston, TX will provide a natural bite that allows a person to eat and drink regularly. They are also attached to the jawbone, which prevents them from slipping and shifting while eating.

Easy Maintenance Requirements

Most people think that being able to remove dentures makes them easy to clean and care for, but they must be brushed, soaked, and polished daily, not to mention that the person still needs to brush their gums. Dental implants are maintained like natural teeth and should be flossed and brushed twice daily. Don’t waste time or money on expensive denture products, when implants are easy to take care of.

If a person is tired of dealing with the frustrations that accompany dentures, it may be time to see a cosmetic dentist. The team at Copperfield Dentistry is a leading provider of implant procedures and will create a customized plan that will give a person the best smile possible. Call to learn more and schedule a new patient exam without delay.

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