What To Expect From A General Dentist In Eagan, MN

by | May 19, 2016 | Dentist

In Minnesota, local residents take control over their dental health by acquiring general services. The services allow them immediate access to complete exams and treatment options. A general Dentist in Eagan MN performs these routines services for all local residents.

Routine Care and Assessments

Each patient receives access to yearly examinations. During the exam, the dentist inspects each tooth and the condition of the gums. They acquire x-rays of the teeth to determine if issues exist under the gum line. They also identify any tooth damage that isn’t visible immediately. The dentist makes recommendations during these exams to improve the patient’s oral care.

Cleanings, Scaling, and Planing

Cleanings are provided twice a year. They reduce the impact of plaque buildup and tartar on the teeth. They also allow the hygienist to address gum related issues. The teeth are polished after the cleaning process is completed.

Scaling and planing are performed for patients with visible signs of periodontal disease. The process removes exterior gum tissue that is damaged due to the disease. The dentist also removes bacteria and particles that collect in gum pockets.

Proper Treatment for Tooth Damage

The dentist in Eagan MN identifies the correct treatment for tooth damage, after an exam. Cavities are treated by cleaning away decay and injecting a composite resin filling. Teeth that are damaged-severely may require the placement of a crown after repairs are made. In severe cases, the patient may need a root canal procedure to save a damaged tooth.

Eliminating the Risks of Periodontal Disease

Dentists may recommend an oral rinse, at the first signs of gingivitis. This condition is the beginning stage of periodontal disease. An oral rinse can kill off bacteria that leads to further development of the disease. It could also prevent tooth loss due to damage.

In Minnesota, local residents schedule an appointment with general dentists for vital services. The services include routine examinations, cleanings, and repairs. Local dentists also provide treatments to reduce the onset of periodontal disease. They also make nutritional recommendations to protect the teeth further. Patients who wish to schedule an appointment with a general Dentist in Eagan MN should contact the Dakota Dental & Implant Center or Click here for more details.

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