Sleep Dentistry in Garden City NY Makes Life Easier for Patients and Dentists

by | Apr 28, 2016 | Dental Care

Sedation or sleep dentistry in Garden City NY helps patients get through dental treatments when they are anxious or have extensive dental work to be done. This does not involve becoming unconscious with the application of general anesthesia. Instead, a relatively mild tranquilizer is provided that helps the patient fully relax. The patient might actually fall a sleep, or might simply become pleasantly drowsy. It may seem hard to believe that getting cavities filled or a root canal treatment performed could actually be a pleasant experience, but with the use of sedation, the experience can be a calm one with no stress. It’s easier on the dentist, too, knowing that the patient isn’t feeling nervous or scared and isn’t dealing with discomfort or pain. In fact, patients often don’t remember much of the time they spent at the dental clinic when they receive this type of sedation.

Sedation dentistry is helpful for people who have been avoiding going to the dentist, even though they know they need some work done. Some individuals don’t respond as effectively to numbing medications as others do, meaning they develop discomfort when others do not or need more than one injection of the medication into the gums. For many people, that injection of local anesthetic is the worst part of the entire appointment.

People with very sensitive teeth might even avoid going to the clinic for routine cleanings. They dread the sensation of the specialized tools against the enamel, and especially, the cold rinse water used to clear bits of hard tartar from the mouth. Sedation can change all that. If the patient wants to take an over-the-counter pain medication beforehand, he or she should ask the dentist about this first if sedation dentistry is planned.

Sleep Dentistry in Garden City NY often is accomplished by giving an oral tranquilizer to the patient before the appointment. This might be a liquid solution or a tablet. The individual should have someone provide a ride home since the effects will linger after the appointment. Anyone who needs some dental work done and finds the idea of sleep dentistry reassuring may contact Gerald B Grossman DDS for more details.

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