See an Emergency Dentist in North Attleboro MA for a Possible Infected Dental Implant

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Dentist

Dental implants have a very high success rate, but rarely, a patient experiences complications. One possibility is an infection of the implant area. The patient may want an Emergency dentist in North Attleboro MA to take a look at the implant if the surrounding gum tissue has inexplicably turned red and sore, and if significant discomfort has developed. The dentist that completed the implant surgery may not be available at nights or on weekends.

About Dental Implant Infections

In the unlikely event of an infection occurring, this usually happens before the cosmetic crowns have been placed on top of the implant rods. The rods are still in the process of fusing with the jawbone, and the mouth is still healing. Infection is rare because the patient takes antibiotics for several days beforehand, and the dentist uses sterile surgical methods and tools.

Nevertheless, certain risk factors can lead to this problem and the need to see an emergency dentist in North Attleboro MA. If a tooth root adjacent to the implant becomes infected, that condition can spread to the gum and bone area around the implant.

Risky Patient Behavior

Sometimes the risk factor is directly connected with the patient’s behavior. Smoking tobacco irritates the gums and can gradually cause jawbone deterioration. Inflammation in the gums is an immune system response that attacks the irritating substance.

Dentists are generally unwilling to place implants for patients who still smoke. A person who has quit in order to get implants and then takes up the habit again afterward is severely compromising the ability for the procedure to be successful, even in the short term. Toxins from the tobacco product can cause complications.

It’s also essential to keep the mouth clean after implants are placed by following the dentist’s instructions. The gums need time to heal, and just as with any healing wound, the area is vulnerable to bacteria invasion in the meantime.

Concluding Thoughts

Infection after dental implant placement is rare, but if it occurs, seeking prompt help from a dentist at a clinic such as Atwill-Conroy Dental Associates is important. Get more information at the clinic’s website.

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