Common Uses for Dental Veneers in Lacey, WA

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Dentistry

Dental Veneers in Lacey WA are commonly used in the field of cosmetic dentistry for improving the appearance of patients’ smiles. They are composed of thin sections of porcelain custom shaped to fit the patient’s tooth and colored to match the natural teeth, then bonded to the affected tooth using a specialized dental adhesive. Read on to find out about a few circumstances under which dentists and their patients might choose to use porcelain veneers.

Misshapen Teeth

If a patient’s tooth is mildly misshapen but otherwise healthy, a veneer can be used to cover the tooth to restore a more attractive appearance. While the dental veneers of years past required dentists to grind down patients’ teeth for correct installment, today’s veneers can be bonded directly to the tooth’s surface with no need for destroying the enamel of the natural teeth behind them. They also provide an effective solution to severely discolored or yellowed teeth that do not respond to traditional whitening techniques.

Crooked Teeth

While severely crooked teeth usually require braces or other orthodontic procedures, mildly crooked teeth can often be covered with porcelain veneers. Veneers are not intended to fix teeth that are crooked enough to cause structural problems within the mouth, but they can be extremely effective at providing an immediate fix to the aesthetic problems related to having slightly crooked teeth.

Gaps and Uneven Spaces

Veneers can be used to cover up slight gaps in between teeth and to even out the amount of space between them to improve the appearance of the patient’s overall smile. Again, they can only be used in cases that are not very extreme in nature, but the entire process takes far less time and money than addressing uneven spaces and gaps using orthodontic procedures.

Broken and Chipped Teeth

Teeth that have suffered severe damage usually require crowns to protect their underlying root structures. However, those that have only superficial chips or cracks can usually be fixed using Dental Veneers in Lacey WA. Anyone interested in learning more about this cosmetic solution can visit Family Dental and Dentures for additional information or call to schedule an appointment with a dentist today.

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