What Patients Should Know About Dental Root Canals In Salem, OR

In Oregon, patients will need a root canal at some point in their lives. The surgery is necessary for certain circumstances to stop the potential for tooth loss. If the patient has brittle teeth or experiences frequent issues due to smoking, they may need a root canal surgery. The following is information about what patients need to know about dental root canals in Salem OR.

Why are the Procedures Performed?

The root canal surgery is performed when the dentist is doing multiple repairs for one specific tooth. At this point, the tooth becomes weaker and could break easily. In these circumstances, the tooth may generate severe pain for the patient which needs to be managed immediately.

How are They Performed?

The dentist starts by drilling into the top of the tooth. They create a large hole in the tooth to prepare it for the surgery. Next, the dentist removes the pulp and nerve inside the tooth. They clean the tooth out completely. Next, the dentist injects a composite filling inside the tooth and seal it off. To strengthen the tooth more proactively, the dentist will install a crown over the tooth.

What Can the Patients Expect After the Surgery?

The patient will experience severe pain for the first couple of days after the surgery. The crown may feel a little bulky at first if the dentist hasn’t installed a crown for them previously. They may need to consume liquids for the first day after the surgery. This lowers the risk of damage and manages pain.

When Should the Patient Contact Their Dentist?

If the patient develops an infection or abscess, they must contact their doctor. These conditions are painful and could lead to life-threatening conditions if they aren’t addressed. The doctor will provide antibiotics and painkillers.

In Oregon, patients acquire root canal surgery when their tooth is damaged. The surgery corrects severe damage and gives the tooth more of a chance. It also eliminates the source of pain for the patients and lowers the chances of adverse conditions. Patients who need dental root canals in Salem OR contact Riverfront Dental LLC to schedule an appointment today.

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