Make Eating Easier With a Superior Dental Crown in Kona

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Dental

Creating a beautiful smile can be a lot of work, especially when the patient has existing issues to deal with such as caries (cavities). In fact, the cavity will need to be dealt with before the dentist will perform any other treatments because the decay would simply spread and make those repairs moot. For example, the dentist may need to drill away any damaged dentin to place a Dental Crown in Kona. If the cavity is seriously deep, then the dentist may need to perform a root canal. This is an intensive procedure to remove the nerve, blood supply and pulp of the tooth. Failure to do so may result in further infection and worse problems.

A dental crown is used for a variety of functions from improving the appearance of a tooth to increasing its strength and durability. The latter options are necessary so the teeth can handle the pressure of eating. The human mouth can create a surprising amount of force when the jaws close. Unfortunately, if teeth are missing, that force is wasted when it comes to eating. However, this extra pressure may require the dentist to use a strong material when applying a Dental Crown in Kona. To ensure strength, the dentist will use one of the several options. The first is steel, but this type of crown is normally used as a temporary cover while repairing a damaged tooth. The second is porcelain coated steel that provides a strong cap at the expense of size. The last option is porcelain, and this tends to be the favorite of both dentists and patients. Perhaps this is due to its beautiful, pearly color.

Another use for crowns is the dental implant. This particular procedure is used when a tooth gets extracted, or the patient needs a way to anchor a prosthesis such as a bridge or a denture. The implant works by inserting an inert material into the jawbone and allowing it to heal. The typical stud is made from either titanium or plastic. Titanium is more durable and is rarely rejected by the body. Once the wound has healed, the anchor is covered with a sturdy crown. Browse the website here for more information.

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