Experienced Dental Practice Brokers in Arizona

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Dental

Whether a dentist is interested in buying or selling a dental practice, it is helpful to have the services of experienced Dental Practice Brokers in Arizona. Each process can be stressful and tedious, so getting help at every stage can go a long way toward making the experience run smoothly. For those interested in selling, the first thing to do is find out how much the practice is worth. A free dental practice valuation is offered by some brokerage companies to give sellers an idea of the value of the practice. Facts considered in developing a valuation include the size of the practice, the earnings over the past five years, the numbers of years the practice has existed, the value of the equipment, the location, clientele, and the education level and experience of the support staff. Other considerations may also be a factor, such as reputation, the type of dentistry practiced, and any changes in local demographic.

Buyers may have many questions regarding practices listed, so Dental Practice Brokers in Arizona that work with a team of professionals will be the most help. Brokers, lawyers, accountants, lenders, and insurance agents are all needed in the process, so any company that can provide professionals, or provide referrals, would be a great choice. Experienced brokers, especially is some are actual dentists themselves, will be able to help a buyer select a practice that suits talents, financial expectations, interests, and budgets. Purchasing an already existing practice can save dentists a lot of time and money over starting their own practice from scratch.

Time is saved because equipment, furniture, and staff are in place, and the public knows a practice exists at that location. A dentist does not have to pick out any equipment, office or dental, choose furnishings for the office and reception area, or interview, hire and train staff. An established clientele provides a patient base from which to expand, and advertising effort does not have to focus on letting locals know the office exists. Money is saved because there is one payment that includes everything in the office. A dentist does not have to deal with a payment for the dental equipment, one for the furniture, one for the space, and yet another one for decorating the place. Visit the website for details regarding services provided for buyers and sellers.

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