Considering Dental Implants Visit A Dentist in Eagan, MN

People who suffered from tooth loss had limited options for replacing their teeth. In the past dentures or bridges were the only solution to fixing this problem. Advances in dentistry have made improving smiles easier, and Dentist in Eagan MN is using this new method to get people away from using dentures and bridges. Dental implants are a method of surgically securing teeth at the root and jawbone giving the patient a more natural appearance.

This method is more durable than dentures and with proper care and maintenance they can last a patient a lifetime. Implants are becoming the choice of many because unlike dentures, they feel like real teeth, and there is no chance that they will slip when a person is speaking or eating. Dentures if not fitted properly can alter facial features and slur speech patterns, making a person feel self-conscience. Dentures also have to be replaced many times to accommodate changes in the jaw and face as people age, leading to more money being spent. Most people are also eligible for implant surgery, with a 98% success rate overall Dentist in Eagan MN has many success stories from their patients who have received dental implants.Dental implants because they are secured to the jawbone using posts, feel and act like real teeth as opposed to dentures. Dentists can color match teeth better with implants. Caring for implants is also easier, patients continue to brush and floss as they would normally.

No need to worry about removing dentures to soak them or messy adhesives to secure them into place. As with real teeth routine, dental checkups are essential to maintaining dental implants. Dakota Dental and Implant Center has been helping patients improve their confidence and give them a better smile by offering dental implants as well as general dentistry. Their dentists have studied and trained to provide the latest in dental surgical procedures for the comfort and safety of their patients. They can help patients with routine dental checkups and perform cosmetic dentistry too, crowns, veneers, and teeth whitening are just some of the other services you will find when visit the website. Contact their office today to schedule an appointment.

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