Three Painful Tooth Issues Requiring Treatment From Dentists In Ann Arbor, MI

by | Nov 14, 2017 | Dentists & Clinics

It’s not uncommon for individuals to suffer tooth pain, and there are various reasons why a tooth will start hurting. When individuals have a sore tooth, they should visit a dentist as soon as possible. Read the information below to learn about three painful tooth issues that require the services of Dentists in Ann Arbor MI.

Tooth Decay

A tooth becomes decayed when acids inside the mouth begin to destroy the layers of the tooth. These acids are formed by the bacteria that are in a person’s mouth. As the acids attack, a hole forms in the tooth, which can cause pain and infection.

When an individual has tooth decay, a dentist will fill the cavity with a special material that protects the remainder of the tooth from decay. If the tooth is severely decayed, a dentist may place a crown on the tooth instead of a filling. After these procedures, the tooth will function normally and the pain will be gone.

Infected Tooth

Sometimes, tooth decay can cause an infection in a tooth and, if the infection isn’t treated in a timely manner, it can spread to the inside of the tooth. Since the inner portion of a tooth contains the nerves, an infection in this area of the tooth can cause severe pain. To repair the tooth and stop the pain, a dentist will perform a root canal procedure.

During a root canal, a dentist will drill a hole in the tooth to extract the infected material and decay. The next step is to place a special material in the center of the tooth and fill the tooth to cover the opening.

Tooth Trauma

When a person is struck in the mouth, one or more teeth often become damaged. A tooth that’s knocked loose can be very painful. When individuals can see emergency Dentists in Ann Arbor MI as quickly as possible, the loose tooth can often be saved.

Get more information about the services of Washtenaw General Dentistry Associates and how they can help with tooth pain. By scheduling regular dental appointments, individuals and their families can have healthy teeth and gums throughout their lifetimes.

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