Why Invest in a Tooth Implant in Kona?

by | Mar 8, 2017 | Dental

Having a Tooth Implant in Kona is a multi-step process that takes a lot of time and money. Many dental insurance policies only cover a percentage of the costs. The process involves at least three dental appointments over a few months. There are the general risks involved in any surgery, such as infection, swelling, and failure. Why would anyone invest in an implant to fix one or two missing or broken teeth? The answer is because it will cost more time, money, and pain to neglect the issue.

It is not just a matter of appearances or oral health. A missing tooth will cause other teeth to shift, contribute to advanced decay of the gum line, and effect the chewing and speaking of the person. The bite will become misaligned, the effect of the smile will diminish, and breath may become offensive. In addition to all those problems, missing teeth also contribute to the decline in overall health. People do not realize that issues associated with missing teeth lead to heart conditions, a weakened immune system, respiratory problems, digestive concerns, and issues with circulation.

Bacteria and decay increase inflammation and infection in the mouth. The infection spreads to the tonsils and lungs, causing breathing difficulties. Colds and flu are experienced more frequently, challenging the immune system. Food is not chewed properly so the stomach acids cannot break it down enough to accommodate the delicate intestines. There are many examples to illustrate this point because all systems of the body are connected. The costs of dealing with even one of those issues are much higher than a dental procedure. Overall health can be improved significantly by getting a Tooth Implant in Kona.

Selecting an experienced dentist, such as Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S., to complete the procedure will minimize risks and pain. The first step is a complete assessment to determine if the jaw and gum line can support an implant. Oral surgery is required to place the implant in the jawbone. After that appointment, healing time is needed. During that time, the gum surrounds the implant and it infuses to the bone. The final step is the placement of the artificial tooth or teeth. This procedure can also be used to permanently secure dentures and bridgework. Visit the Website for complete details regarding the implant process.

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