When to Consider Wisdom Teeth Removal in Trumbull, CT

For some time, it’s been pretty common for dentists to recommend that everyone remove their wisdom teeth when they come in regardless of whether or not the teeth are actually causing any problems. The idea behind this tends to be that it’s usually easier to remove them sooner rather than later. As people get older, these teeth get stronger and harder to pull without complications. However, now the trend is starting to shift a bit, with some dentists recommending waiting until there’s actually a problem. Just what constitutes a problem? There are a number of situations where wisdom teeth removal in Trumbull CT is usually recommended.

Impacted Teeth

Sometimes, wisdom teeth can’t come in all the way because they’re growing in such a way that something is blocking them, such as other teeth or bone, which often occurs when teeth are coming in at an angle rather than straight. This can lead to pain in many cases and, in rarer cases, cysts that can damage bone and cause more serious problems. Cysts can actually hollow out the jaw and even damage the nerves under the teeth. If the teeth keep growing and pushing against other teeth, they can damage these teeth or even undo previous orthodontic work. This is one of the major reasons why many people have wisdom teeth removal in Trumbull CT.

Cavities or Infections

The location of wisdom teeth makes them difficult to keep clean, especially if they are at an angle or have a flap of gum tissue still covering part of the tooth. This makes these teeth more prone to issues caused by bacteria, including cavities or infections. Even if the wisdom teeth themselves don’t get cavities, they may make it harder to clean the teeth next to them and cause those teeth to have more issues with cavities. When this is the case, it’s usually advisable to get the wisdom teeth pulled.

Sinus Issues

Sometimes wisdom teeth cause problems with the sinuses, increasing sinus pressure, congestion, and sinus pain, making it potentially better to have them pulled than to leave them in.

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