What To Expect During A Professional Dental Cleaning

A professional dental cleaning is a straight forward dental procedure. For those who have neglected their teeth for some time or patients who have naturally sensitive teeth there may be some slight discomfort, but for most patients there is rarely any pain.

A typical South Loop dentist will arrange to have the patients teeth cleaned prior to his or her twice annual checkup. The procedure itself takes little more than 30 to 45 minutes. In most dental offices the actual cleaning is performed by a skilled dental hygienist. Once the task of cleaning has been completed the patient will then be turned over to the dentist who is given the opportunity of a “last look.” If the hygienist missed any difficult areas the dentist will attend to it, at the same time the dentist will evaluate the condition of the patient’s gums looking for any early evidence of gingivitis.

The dental hygienist has several unique tools at his or her disposal which include scalers and a tooth polisher. Scalers are hand held tools, there are several shapes but basically they are hooks which are used to remove stubborn plaque that has formed between the teeth. Tooth polishers are fitted to a rotary hand piece; they are also used to remove plaque. Polishers have various sized and shaped heads which are used in areas which are hard to reach. During the cleaning process the hygienist gives the patient numerous opportunities to rinse out the debris.

A tooth cleaning is an opportune time for a South Loop dentist to discuss the home brushing and flossing routine with the patient. If there was a significant plaque buildup the dentist may go so far as to lecture the patient on the importance of conscientious home dental hygiene. If the patient does care for his or her teeth properly and there is still as larger than normal buildup of plaque this will usually indicate more frequent professional cleanings are in order.

Once the hygienist has finished with the patient the dentist will take over. The dentist uses this opportunity to conduct a routine check-up, if the dentist finds any issues such as the early stage of a cavity a future appointment will be scheduled. Even the busiest of patients should arrange to have checkups and cleanings twice a year as a small problem with a tooth can quickly become a large one without intervention.

Twice a year professional dental cleanings are important, those that tend to have more rapid buildup of plaque or those with gum disorders should visit their South Loop dentist more often. You are invited to make an appointment with the professionals at the Art of Modern Dentistry click here.

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