Vital Details About Dental Implants In Nassau County, NY

by | May 14, 2018 | Dentist

In New York, dental professionals present their patients with more effective tooth replacement options. Gone are the days when patients are restricted to dentures and bridges. The most popular replacement options today are dental implants. Local dentists provide dental implants in Nassau County, NY for all patients who need to replace missing teeth.

How are Implant Crowns Created?

The dental professional either creates a physical mold of the patient’s teeth or construct a virtual model. The mold or model is sent to a lab, and the implant crowns are produced. The implants are often constructed of porcelain or other durable materials.

How are Dental Implants Installed?

The first step of the process involves a full evaluation of the jawbones. If the jawbones aren’t strong enough for implants, bone grafts are performed to strengthen the bones. Once the grafts have healed, the titanium root is installed into the jawbone through the existing tooth socket. The final step involves establishing a connection between the root and the implant crown. Abutments are used for these purposes.

Why are the Devices More Beneficial Than Other Choices?

The dental implants are more beneficial than other products due to their strength, durability, and permanent installation. The implants appear more natural than dentures and bridges. The teeth function exactly like natural teeth and don’t distort the patient’s voice. Overall, the dental implants help patients avoid embarrassing moments and inconveniences that often occur with other tooth replacement options.

Are the Implants Covered Under Dental Insurance?

Dental implants are considered elective procedures under most dental insurance policies. If the policy provides any coverage for the devices or the installation, it is limited to about ten to twenty percent. However, most policies won’t provide any coverage for elective procedures.

In New York, dental professionals help their patients review the benefits of all tooth replacement choices. The most popular choices among patients are dental implants. The devices provide more natural-looking smiles that provide complete functionality and enable patients to chew their food properly. Patients who want to learn more about dental implants in Nassau County, NY can contact Business Name for a consultation.

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