Use An Experienced Dentist in Kaneohe To Eliminate Dental Concerns

by | Nov 29, 2016 | Dentist

Dental issues can be a real pain, but many people avoid going to the dentist because they fear the pain of the procedures. Unfortunately, attempting to live with cavities or missing teeth can also result in serious health concerns including infections and heart problems. The solution is to locate a Dentist in Kaneohe that helps a patient control these fears. There are various ways to handle the anxiety of dentists or dental procedures. The most common is misdirection. That is, the dentist will use music or video to keep the patient distracted. If this is not enough, then there are options such as nitrous-oxide or narcotics. In fact, some dentists can make use of an intravenous medication that induces light sleep so that the person does not feel a thing.

The most common reason to seek out a dentist in Kaneohe is cosmetic procedures. Typical processes for improving the smile include teeth whitening, bonding, and shaping or the application of veneers. Whitening is a simple procedure where the dentist will place a reactive, peroxide solution on the teeth and introduce a bit of water. The water causes the solution to convert into hydrogen peroxide, which forces the cleaning agent under the enamel. Whiter teeth are visible immediately, and the final appearance should be seen in seven to ten days.

Tooth bonding is one of those procedures that repair a chipped or damaged tooth. It can also be used for re-sizing small teeth. The dentist will place a tooth colored putty on the tooth and allow it to cure. The color of the material is selected to match the existing tooth so that the repair looks natural. The next step is shaping the tooth. Shaping requires precision so the resulting tooth matches and doesn’t lose its protective enamel.

The installation of veneers is done for several reasons such as covering up severe stains, misshapen teeth, and crooked teeth. The veneer is custom made so that it fits over the front or visible portion of the teeth. Placing the device requires the dentist to use an adhesive, so it is tightly secured. Get more details about cosmetic and restorative dental procedures from an experienced dentist such as Howard H. Carric III DDS.

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