Understanding Complete and Partial Dentures Billings MT

If you have some or all your teeth missing, you have probably already discovered that letting your personality shine is a daunting task. In the modern world where we are constantly losing teeth to bad oral habits, malnutrition and trauma, many people have resorted to full or Partial Dentures to fill up the gaps. Dentures are made out of a plastic base that supports fabricated teeth; it is normally shaded to match your gum tissue. The teeth are usually made of plastic or porcelains. Dentures are customized to suit the structure and form of each individual person’s mouth, which helps in maintaining the structural integrity of the face. Here are a few things you may want to know about dentures.

Types of Dentures

Dentures come in two forms, namely partial and full dentures.

1. Partial Denture: This is a denture that covers only part of your mouth. It is attached to your mouth by the use of clasps that grab onto the remaining natural teeth. Partial dentures are recommended for patients having one or more of their natural teeth still intact in their mouth.

2. Full Dentures: Just like partial dentures, these are prosthetic teeth and gums that are used to replace missing teeth. However, they are different from partial dentures in that they offer total replacement for either the upper or lower teeth, and in some cases, both.

Benefits of getting Dentures Billings MT

1. They make it easier to chew and speak.

2. They help in maintaining the shape of your face.

3. They help in decreasing the risk of periodontal disease.

4. They prevent teeth from shifting in your mouth.

5. They help to ease the stress in your jaw.

Visiting your dentist regularly will not only help with your overall dental well-being, it will also enable your dentist to help with caring for your dentures. Such care includes, checking how well your dentures are fitting, adjusting your dentures if need be and giving them a thorough and professional cleaning. A happy mouth is a healthy mouth. If you need to have Partial Dentures inserted, or you need help caring for your existing dentures, contact Dr. Spencer Zaugg, Family and Implant Dentistry. They offer a variety of dental services at affordable rates. Visit Longliveyoursmile.com for details on their services.

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