The Two Most Common Types of Dental Fillings in Salisbury, NC Today

by | Oct 8, 2018 | Dental Care

Brushing and flossing teeth as directed help reduce the risk of developing cavities but can never eliminate them. Even those who are most responsible about such matters sometimes find themselves with dental cavities that need to be filled. Fillings in Salisbury NC help protect teeth which have suffered damage and ensure that the problem will not advance further. There are a variety of different kinds of fillings that dentists in the area commonly provide for their patients.

Many Types of Dental Fillings to Choose From

When a cavity has developed to the point that it needs to be addressed, a dentist will first clean out the affected part of the tooth. This means removing dental material that has succumbed to damage from the bacteria that manifest as plaque in other parts of the mouth.

Once that important step has been carried out, a filling will then normally be installed in the that was created. By providing a rugged, reliable layer of protection for the part of the tooth, it covers, a filling will make subsequent problems less likely. Among the various types of Fillings in Salisbury NC that are most commonly added are those made from:

  • Amalgam.
  • The metallic-looking fillings that are found in so many teeth are created using a mixture that most often includes silver, tin, and mercury. Fillings made from this type of amalgam tend to be some of the most durable, frequently holding up well for a decade or longer. On the other hand, such fillings are almost inherently noticeable and might be less suitable for teeth and locations where visibility will be an issue.
  • Composite.
  • A more modern type of filling is based on a composite material that includes polymer-based resins and reinforcing compounds like glass. This type of filling material will be mixed on the spot and then cured using an ultraviolet light after it has been added to the affected tooth. A composite filling will normally do a much better job of blending in with its surroundings but will be less durable than one made using an amalgamation of metals.

An Especially Important Type of Protection

Browse our website, and it will be seen that there other types of fillings that dentists in the area can install. What will always matter the most is having an appropriate filling provided when the need arises.

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