Top 3 Reasons for Wisdom Tooth Extraction in O’Fallon MO

Wisdom teeth are the very back set of molars. They usually start erupting into place when a person is in their late teens. While some people will have no issue with their wisdom teeth, many need to have them pulled. If you are dealing with one of the following situations, you may be a candidate for Wisdom Tooth Extraction in O’Fallon MO.

Crowded Teeth

One of the main reasons for wisdom tooth extraction is a lack of space. These large molars need plenty of room to safely erupt into place. If there isn’t enough space behind the other teeth, a patient’s wisdom teeth may break or damage surrounding teeth.

As a tooth erupts, it pushes anything that in its way. This includes neighboring teeth. If a person is already dealing with crowded teeth or a small palate, there may not be adequate room for this third set of molars.

Impacted Teeth

Teeth are supposed to lay vertically when they erupt. The biting surface pushes through the gum line, and the tooth easily moves into place. Impacted teeth, however, do not follow this normal set of rules.

Wisdom teeth are frequently impacted. This means they either fully or partially sideways below the gum line. When this occurs, the teeth may struggle to erupt, and a dentist may recommend wisdom tooth extraction in O’Fallon MO to prevent pain and infection.

Preparation for Orthodontics

Many people, especially teenagers, get braces to straighten their teeth. Orthodontics are very expensive, so it’s important to protect this investment. Prior to getting braces, many patients have their wisdom teeth surgically removed, even before they begin to erupt.

If a patient’s wisdom teeth are not extracted before starting orthodontic treatment, they may impede or reverse the progress of the braces. As stated before, wisdom teeth often move other teeth out of place. To keep teeth perfectly straight after braces, orthodontists prefer to remove wisdom teeth beforehand.

It’s been suggested that wisdom teeth exist to replace missing teeth later in life. However, thanks to modern dentistry, most people no longer have a need for these molars. Get more information about wisdom tooth extraction if you feel you may be a candidate for this procedure.

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