Tips for Decreasing Stains to the Teeth from General Dentistry in West Fargo ND

When a patient goes in for a cleaning, their dentist can tell a lot about their lifestyle when looking at the teeth. For example, they can tell what the patient eats or drinks because food and beverages can have a profound effect on tooth enamel. Certain drinks often leave behind stains that dull and darken the teeth. To avoid the need for frequent visits to General Dentistry in West Fargo ND for additional cleanings and whitening, there are some things that can be avoided or reduced.

Daily Coffee

Coffee is a favorite among many because it is a tool to get them through the day. Too much coffee, especially if it is sipped slowly sitting can yellow the teeth. Those who still need a daily dose of caffeine, should drink the coffee quicker and take the time to rinse their mouth afterward to reduce the chance of staining the enamel. If there is an opportunity to brush the teeth that is even better.

Consider Tea Options

Tea contains tannins, which are compounds that can cause a great deal of discoloration to the teeth. Coffee has this same component. The amount in tea is higher though. To reduce the effects of tea tannins of the teeth, try opting for an herbal brew instead of darker-colored teas. This can have a positive impact on the teeth.

Sweet Soda

Soda is bad for the teeth. Dark colas and fruit flavored sodas contain dyes that stain teeth. The acid and carbonation in these beverages will weaken the enamel, making the teeth more susceptible to damage. Those who just can’t give up soda completely can try to minimize contact by using a straw when drinking it.

Red and White Wines

Like tea and coffee, wine is heavy in tannins. Most expect this in red wine, but not white. However, white is almost equal to the staining power of red. Limit the intake of both red and white wine for better tooth health.

Those with stained teeth or issues with the enamel on their teeth should schedule an appointment with general dentistry in West Fargo ND. Reach out to Valley Dental who has been helping the community achieve healthy, beautiful smiles for 30 years. Browse our website for additional information.

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