Three Tips on How to Deal With Anxiety When Visiting Your Chicago Dentist

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Dental

Do you ever go to the dentist and feel butterflies fluttering around in your stomach? A lot of people do. In fact, dental fear is one of the main reasons why people avoid going to the dentist. But in order to have a healthy mouth, you need to visit your dentist at least twice a year. Here are three ways you can help yourself cope with your dental anxiety.

1 . Find out why you are terrified of the dentist.

Be honest with yourself. Why are you really scared of the dentist? Did you have a negative experience with one? Are you embarrassed about the condition of your mouth? Do you feel like you’re going to pass out from the pain? Once you find out why the dentist bothers you so much, you can remind yourself of the good things that could happen instead of the bad.

2 . Have a close friend or family member go to the dentist with you.

It can feel scary and uncomfortable having a complete stranger go into your mouth with foreign objects. When you dentist streeterville chicago, having someone go in with you can help ease the anxiety. You’ll feel less alone.

3 . Talk to your doctor about using sedation.

If all these solutions listed above aren’t helping you, you should talk to your dental clinic in Chicago about using sedation. You can use laughing gas for relaxation during the procedure, or you can get deep IV sedation where they put you to sleep during the treatment.

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