The Different Types of Braces You Could Get in Hanover Park

Having braces is a fairly common occurrence, and both children and adults find themselves in need of teeth-straightening options. While your dentist will ultimately determine what type of braces you’re a candidate for, learning about the options can help you to know what to prepare for and what questions to ask your dentist upon receiving a recommendation for braces.

Traditional Braces

The different types of braces still include traditional braces. With this style of braces, you would have brackets that are connected by wires on your teeth. You might opt to change the band colors on a regular basis to match with the seasons, holidays or simply your personal preferences.

Invisible Braces

Getting invisible braces in Hanover Park is a popular option. These braces are typically not highly visible to the eye. Keep in mind that invisible braces in Hanover Park are still sometimes slightly visible if you look very closely into a mirror. However, it will be difficult for other people to see your braces.

Other Options

When it comes to the different types of braces, other options exist as well. You might qualify for retainers inside of braces, or you may get brackets that go on the back of your teeth as opposed to the front, which is the traditional style.

Braces have changed throughout the years, and there are more options now than there were in the past. To learn about the types of braces that are right for your teeth, contact Schumer Family Dental Care today to book a consultation.

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