The Benefits Of Dental Implants in The South Loop

Although there has historically been a stigma attached to going to the dentist, most people find themselves sitting in the chair at some point in their lives. It may be for anything from a routine cleaning to getting dental implants in the South Loop. With today’s advances in dentistry, people are realizing that they may not need dentures to improve their smile, and they may opt for implants. These provide a longer lasting, more durable and natural-looking alternative.

South Loop Dental Specialists is the only board certified specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery in South Loop. For more than twenty years, Dr. De’Avlin V. Olguin and his staff have been helping patients improve their smiles and self esteem with implants. Patients don’t have to worry about whether they need just one tooth implanted or multiple implants, they will be taken care of.

Dental implants have one major advantage over dentures, and that is because implants replace the root of a tooth. Dentures don’t come even remotely close to that. Dental implants are visually more pleasing than dentures, which can sometimes slip and even make people stutter. Implants are also more convenient than dentures because unlike dentures, implants do not need adhesives to be used. In essence, dental implants become a physical part of the patient and only need to be cleaned as regular teeth would be.

Some advantages of opting for Dental Implants South Loop include the fact that the implant will look just like any of the patient’s other teeth. They are also designed to replicate the structure of a patient’s normal teeth. This makes the process easier for the patient to adapt to and it allows them to fit very comfortably within their mouth. Usually a metal rod is used as an artificial tooth root. The rod is surgically implanted into the patient’s jawbone. Before this happens, it must first become bonded to the jawbone. This process forges a stable foundation similar to the way a normal tooth root does in the mouth. This helps to anchor the implant and prevents any slipping from happening. The dentist will then attach natural looking dental crowns or bridges to the rods. These will have already been matched up to the exact color of the patient’s existing teeth, so that when the job is complete, it is totally natural looking. Visit South Loop Dental Specialists website to know more.

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