Take Your Smile to New Heights With a Smile Makeover in Bridgewater New Jersey

There are moments in life when you want the brilliance you are feeling in your heart to shine through in your face. However, teeth that are crowded, broken, or stained can make it hard for the ‘real you’ to shine forth. Missing teeth may cause you to hide your smile behind closed lips or a discreet hand. Now is the time to let your inner beauty shine forth to the outside world.

Cosmetic Transformations

Cosmetic dental treatment in Bridgewater, NJ, can include a plethora of treatments, services, materials and techniques. Each one is specifically designed to bring you closer to the smile you want the world to see. Whitening treatments with trays you use at home or with Zoom! laser used in the office will give you dramatic results in one or several treatments. Veneers can be placed over natural teeth that are cracked, broken, or severely stained. These overlays provide an even, straight appearance to gapped teeth, too. The results are beautiful.

Smile Makeovers

You may feel that your smile needs a total overhaul. Years of smoking and coffee consumption have left stains that are embarrassing. An accident broke your front tooth off at an odd angle. Maybe you have a tooth missing that makes it difficult to speak properly.

Cosmetic dental treatment in Bridgewater, NJ, can help by creating a smile makeover. Using wax molds, temporary veneers and patience, the dentist can re-create your smile into the one you always wanted.

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