Strategies for Keeping Dentures in Trumbull CT Clean and Comfortable

When someone gets a full set of Dentures in Trumbull CT, this person still must be vigilant about oral hygiene. Instead of brushing and flossing natural teeth, this person now will be removing the artificial teeth and then brush and soak them. Some individuals are so particular about cleanliness for their false teeth that they buy ultrasonic cleaning equipment to eliminate microscopic contaminants that might otherwise remain.

Preventing Bad Breath

Keeping the artificial teeth clean is essential for preventing gum irritation and bad breath. If somebody removes the dentures and smells it, any odor is likely to reflect what the breath smells like. The individual also is instructed to gently clean the gums with a very soft brush or a wet cloth. Brushing the tongue to remove bacteria also prevents bad breath.

Brushing and Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning of Dentures in Trumbull CT is not intended to replace brushing. Using a brush removes the more obvious debris, while the additional equipment cleans at a deeper level. Brushing should be gentle but thorough, getting rid of every tiny food particle and accumulation of sticky plaque. Occasionally the person may be in a hurry and do the activity too quickly, but this should never become a habit.

Wearing Dentures Too Infrequently or Too Often

Discomfort can decrease motivation to wear the dentures, which in turn can result in the person starting to become more reclusive. A contrasting problem can occur when people almost never take their dentures out except to clean them. That is hard on the gums, which need to rest from the friction and weight of the artificial teeth. Denture wearers are advised to leave the teeth out while sleeping.

Unfortunately, dentists with a practice such as Commerce Park Cosmetic Dentistry all too often see patients who wear dentures but are not taking good care of those devices or their general oral health. It’s as though some patients have decided that without their natural teeth, oral hygiene is no longer essential. This can lead not only to bad breath but gum inflammation and infection. Browse our website to learn more about this particular dental practice.

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