Six Signs You Need to Look Into Professional Denture Repair in Chicago

by | Jan 16, 2024 | Dentist

It is always stressful to find your dentures are damaged. Remember, these are the dental appliances that help you chew and talk. You can stay on top of your maintenance by paying attention to signs you need denture repair in Chicago.

Broken Dentures

The most common sign your dentures need to be repaired is broken teeth. This can happen when you drop or put too much pressure on them. Your dentures must be repaired by a professional rather than with a household adhesive.

Cracks or Chips

A drop or pressure may cause cracks or chips rather than a full break. It is essential to have them repaired instead of wearing them because you may cut your gums. This could result in trapped food and bacteria, leading to an infection.

Noticeable Odors

If you clean your dentures and still notice odors, there may be an unnoticeable crack, chip, or hole. The food trapped inside this gap is causing the odor.

Difficulty Chewing

It takes a little time to adjust to your dentures, but you may find it difficult to chew later. This means you need to have the dentures refitted for your gums.

Uncomfortable Fit

General discomfort is another sign you need to have your dentures refit. This includes looseness, uneven pressure, and pain.

Irritated Gums

Your dentures may cause inflammation, bleeding, or painful sores. Removing the dentures may provide some relief, which means there is an issue with the surface.

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