Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants in Cary IL

Dental implants in Cary IL are a great way to restore missing teeth. The process over the last decade has been refined to make it a process that is quickly becoming the standard of care to replace teeth. Implants are a relatively routine process than can be done right in the dental chair.

How Do Implants Work

Dental implants in Cary IL used to restore your smile are a relatively simple process, if you have an experienced dentist in your corner. A small post is screwed into your jaw where the tooth is missing, an abutment is attached with the crown and you have a new tooth. There are some clear benefits to having an implant placed:

   * Reduces bone loss
   * Feels like a natural tooth
   * Has more biting force than other tooth replacement options

Reducing bone loss is a key benefit to choosing implants over other options. When you have missing teeth, the bone retracts because there is nothing holding the bone in place. With an implant, the bone grows around the implant like a natural tooth root. This helps to keep the bone healthy.

It Looks Natural

With implants, you do not cause any damage to the surrounding teeth because there is no apparatus that is needed to keep the tooth in place. It will blend with your natural teeth seamlessly. Only you and your dentist will know that you have implants.

Better Bite

Your new implant/s will make chewing with confidence easy. Even with overdentures (a complete set of teeth) placed on implants the biting force is greater! You will be able to eat more comfortably and enjoy all the foods you love. Cary Dental Associates is the dental implant experts you want to make an appointment with to restore your smile.

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