The Most Requested Types Of Dental Care In Fishers IN

by | Jun 28, 2018 | Dental Care

When medical issues relating to the teeth or gums develop it not only leads to excruciating pain but in some cases may lead to physical deformities that create self-esteem problems. A dentist is standing by to offer help when dental emergencies strike, and most offer a variety of general and cosmetic services to help a person put their best smile forward. The following is a look at the most commonly requested forms of dental care in Fishers IN and how they help a person restore a less than stellar smile.

Amalgam Fillings

A cavity occurs when decay is present on the interior of a tooth, and not only are they painful, but they may lead to infection if they are not treated promptly. A dentist will first drill out the affected area and inspect the tooth for the signs of disease. If the tooth clears the check, the doctor will then fill in the tooth and bond the filling material to the bone so that it provides a seamless appearance and comfortable, sensitivity free chewing.

Whitening Procedures

Years of drinking items such as coffee and tea or smoking cigarettes will cause a person’s teeth to become yellow. While over the counter products claim to get rid of these stains, most are only temporary and do not offer the same results as professional whitening. Let a dentist utilize a chemical that is activated with UV light to break up any stains and give a person the teeth they deserve.

Oral Cleanings

The best way to prevent major oral health issues is to have regular cleanings from a clinic that offers dental care in Fishers IN. A certified hygienist will first clean the teeth and polish them to remove surface stains and give them a jaw-dropping sparkle. Next, a dentist will review the patient’s x-rays and conduct a full examination which allows them to identify any problem areas that may require additional intervention.

Going to the dentist may be scary, but regular checkups help prevent the need for more serious procedures. The team at Moore-Berry Dentistry offers patient-centered care for both children and adults. Check out Website Domain to learn more about the services they provide and tackle any oral health issues once and for all.

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