Reasons to visit a Dental Clinic in Bridgeport CT

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Dentist

The removal of plaque helps prevent tooth decay and periodontal problems. Simple rules can ensure good oral hygiene. Visiting a dental clinic in Bridgeport CT could make a huge difference.

Ideally, two brushings per day are recommended. In practice, two meticulous daily brushings allow people to obtain satisfactory oral hygiene, but only if their gum is in good health. In the case of gum disease, three daily brushing sessions are needed. Do not eat or drink anything (other than water) after your evening brushing.

The brush used must have soft bristles, with a small head for access to all corners of the mouth. Bristles that are too hard can wear your enamel out over the long term. It is better to brush gently and a bit longer than usual rather than take on an aggressive brushing stance that could damage your enamel and gums. A dental clinic in Bridgeport CT can suggest which stance you need.

Regular toothbrushes will provide excellent results when properly used. Some electric brushes can achieve the same results with a little more ease. Always brush your teeth by moving the brush from the edge of the gum towards the tooth. At the beginning of the movement, the bristles of the brush must be placed on the gum. Be careful to brush all parts of your teeth.

Interdental brushes and dental floss are an integral part of brushing. Indeed, a toothbrush does not clean between the teeth. A large part of the dental problems (decay, loosening, etc.) starts between the teeth since bacteria can stagnate there. If the gingiva is healthy, using these types of brushes should be done once a day, ideally in the evening. In the case of gum disease, it may be necessary to do it 2 to 3 times a day. If the interdental spaces are too narrow, the brushes should be replaced with dental floss.

Also, it is best to remember the tongue. Brushing your tongue could make a massive difference in oral care. There are special instruments for this, but the toothbrush is sufficient. Brushing your tongue is important because the external face of each tongue is covered with bacteria which can contribute, in particular, to bad breath. For more information, contact Commerce Park Cosmetic Dentistry LLC today.

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