Proper Teeth Cleaning Will Help to Maintain Oral Health

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Dentist

Brushing and flossing the teeth after meals is necessary to maintain proper oral health. In addition to brushing at home, professional teeth cleaning is necessary at least twice a year to remove plaque, tartar, calculus or stains, and to prevent gum disease. When the teeth are properly cleaned, limited additional visits are necessary at the dentist. Periodontal disease can occur when the teeth are not properly cleaned. Gum disease can be treated when it is caught in the early stages of development. Gum disease can destroy the teeth. When this occurs, the tooth will die and fall out.

Gum disease is an infection in the gums. The infection will attack the tissues and the bones. The tissue and bone hold the teeth in place. Individuals that have early stages of gum disease benefit from more frequent and deeper teeth cleanings in Salisbury, NC. A hygienist performs these cleanings in a dental office. The first thing that occurs is a discussion of any recent health changes or concerns the patient has about their teeth. The hygienist will remove the hard and soft particles from the teeth. The next step is to polish the teeth. During the visit, the patient may need to have x-rays taken to obtain a better look at the teeth. The dentist will check the teeth for gum disease, cavities and other oral health concerns like cancer.

Oral care at a dentist should begin around one year of age and continue throughout life. Preventative measures and prevention of more serious oral issues can be evaluated and corrected. The earlier health issues are addressed, the better the outcome. Professional cleanings and check-ups are also very important to an individual’s overall health. Bacteria from teeth that have decay can enter the bloodstream and cause a serious infection in the heart.

Maintain better overall health with a visit to caring and compassionate family dentist. They will understand the anxiety a patient may have visited the dentist. They will also offer solutions for dental problems they may find during an examination. When a patient does not have dental insurance, the dentist offers great alternatives for this concern as well. For more information on a dental care for the family, please feel free to visit.

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