Precision and Thoroughness as Part of Your Dental Practice

As a dentist, you want to take the best care of your patients. Without the newest technology, however, you could misdiagnose patients and overlook challenges that could lead to problems like decay, abscesses, and infection.

Rather than jeopardize your practice with shoddy care, you can invest in the newest innovations that let you care for patients with more precision and thoroughness. You may also take in more patients as a result when you add machines like an Itero digital scanner to your practice.

Technology like an Itero digital scanner allows you to see what is going on inside of a patient’s mouth without having to use traditional invasive methods. Before the invention of this scanner, you may have had to use a number of different picks, scopes, and x-rays to examine patients. Patients as a result were left with sore and chafed mouths because of your prodding.

A digital scanner does not require the poking and prodding of traditional exams and instead allows you to take easy and fast molds and pictures of people’s mouths. Your patients simply have to bite down on an apparatus that is placed in between their top and bottom teeth. The scanner then can take a picture of their mouth in a matter of seconds.

This technology can also be used for orthodontic purposes like when you want to create a set of braces for a patient. Instead of using dental ceramic or clay to make the mold of the person’s teeth, you can use the digital scanner to take an image of the person’s teeth and overbite. Using this digital image, you can then create a set of braces that should fit ideally on the person’s teeth.

This scanner can attract more patients to your practice. You may get your money’s worth in a matter of months or years.

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