Plant A Smile Back in Your Mouth

Smiles are infectious – they shouldn’t look infected. Missing teeth come with a plethora of stigmas that are simply untrue: poor hygiene, lack of intelligence, substance abuse, etc. Restore your comfort and confidence – as well as your teeth – with implant dentistry in Downers Grove.

Implants are the only method to replace missing teeth that offers an authentic feel, function and appearance of your natural tooth. They are the closest option to natural, healthy teeth. Implants allow you to play, talk, eat and smile without feeling self-conscious or worrying about your replacements slipping out, wiggling around or breaking. Also, they offer a long-term solution to tooth replacement, lasting an entire lifetime when properly placed and cared for.

What Exactly Is An Implant?

With the implants, a post is placed in your jawbone to act as the ‘root.’ It then fuses with your natural bone and becomes the foundation for your brand new pearly whites. An abutment – a connector – is either placed on or built into the top of the post to connect the post to the replacement tooth. Then a crown, which is made to match your natural teeth both in shape and color, is placed on top.

Who Needs Implants?

Contrary to what you may believe, implant dentistry in Downers Grove isn’t catered to only the elderly and frail. Patients include a wide age range from a variety of backgrounds. Dental implants can be a viable option after puberty, once the jaw stops growing. Implants may be the perfect choice for anyone missing teeth due to injury, disease or decay.

Are Dental Implants Right For Me?

Nearly anyone whose jaw has finished growing and is in good health is a good candidate. Whether you were born missing a tooth or lost one, implants are a good option for just about everybody looking for replacements. They are also a great option for those who are unable to wear removable dentures or simply don’t want the drawbacks that inevitably come with dentures.

Who Do I Talk To?

Implant dentistry in Downers Grove is hardly unique; many dental offices offer this service. However, there are credentials to look for and accreditation they should have. Be sure to speak openly with your dentist during your consultation. Ensuring that the dentist is right for the procedure is just as important as ensuring the procedure is right for you. Do your research before sitting in the chair and everyone will leave the office happy, content and, most importantly, smiling.

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