Invisalign: Dream Smiles Become Reality

by | Apr 5, 2019 | Dental

Invisalign is a highly effective, comfortable alternative to braces. Like braces, Invisalign is safe for adults and teenagers, delivering fantastic results before graduation day or your next birthday. Family Dental Care is an Invisalign dentist in Lakeview ready to help you and your family achieve healthy, aligned teeth.

A Great Smile Opens Doors

The benefits of Invisalign are more than cosmetic. Aligned teeth make for improved facial structure and fewer dental issues as you age. Invisalign is so highly flexible, the system guarantees pleasurable, healthy outcomes for all of the major types of malocclusion.

Invisalign can help with overcrowding, an issue that crops up when your teeth grow at odd angles to compensate for lack of space on your jaw. Overcrowding isn’t just unsightly; it can lead to tooth decay if left unchecked.

Gaps and spacing, the opposite of overcrowding, occur when you have missing teeth or when your jaw grows abnormally, yielding more space than your teeth require. Gaps and spacing give you the look of a sunken face and potentially cause other teeth to grow in odd directions. This shift in growth directions is a risk factor for periodontal disease.

Invisalign is also exceptional for overbite, crossbite, and underbite. Each condition alludes to the protrusion, or intrusion, of your upper and lower teeth. This can lead to gum irritation, joint problems, and jaw pain.

Your Teeth Are Your Business

The translucent quality of Invisalign trays is perhaps the system’s best cosmetic selling point. The trays let you correct your malocclusion without anyone else noticing, a detail that is never lost on the average image-conscious American teenager. Invisalign lets budding young adults smile, have fun and stay social without worrying about drawing attention to their slowly transforming smile.

With an Invisalign dentist near Lakeview at Family Dental Care, you can start working on obtaining the healthy, Hollywood-quality smile that can serve as your social passport for the rest of your life

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