Getting Dental Implants in Long Island

by | Jun 6, 2016 | Dentist

Losing a tooth can be a remarkably embarrassing problem for a person to suffer. In addition to these cosmetic consequences of a tooth loss, there are also functional issues that tooth loss can cause. Fortunately, it is possible for a patient to have dental implants installed to replace their missing teeth, but this can be a procedure that many people may not be very knowledgeable or experienced with. Luckily, those needing to receive Dental Implants in Long Island can use the services of a local dentist with the experience needed to provide patients with these implants.

There is a common belief that dental implants will have a lengthy installation time, which will mean the patient must go without a tooth for a significant period of time. Yet, this is not actually the case because it is usually possible for the dentist to install a temporary artificial tooth. This tooth can be attached to the implant as it bonds with the bones in the jaw. While the jaw and implant can take several months to bond, this temporary tooth can help to correct cosmetic and functional problems during this process.

Some individuals may be hesitant about receiving a dental implant because they might be concerned that these implants will be maintenance intensive and unreliable. However, this is not actually true because these implants will require little maintenance. Typically, these implants will only need to be professionally cleaned along with the other teeth. This will remove any plaque or tartar that can discolor the implant or cause the decay of neighboring teeth.

When a patient is missing a tooth, it is important to have it replaced as quickly as possible. Failing to have a missing tooth replaced can allow the surrounding teeth to move into the gap that is created, which can further degrade the patient’s smile. Luckily, it is possible to receive a dental implant to help address this fairly common problem. For those that are needing to have Dental Implants in Long Island installed, it is important to work with a dentist that has ample experience with this particular procedure. Luckily, patients can visit  to learn about a local provider that can perform this procedure.

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