Everyone Needs Family Dentistry in Fairfax for Better Health

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Dentist

Good health begins with proper oral care. Children as young as a year old require the services of a dentist. At this age, a child only has a few teeth, but their teeth and gums should still be examined by a doctor. They should also stop drinking from a bottle and sugary drinks should be limited. As a child grows, yearly exams should be continued, and the development of their teeth should be monitored. Early intervention for children with teeth not developing properly can eliminate costly fixes in the future. Family dentistry in Fairfax offers dental services throughout life. Becoming comfortable with one dentist allows for open communication of problems or concerns a patient may have.

During a child’s life, accidents can occur that damage the teeth. Family dentistry in Fairfax can treat emergency dental cases. For example, if someone loses a tooth with the roots still connected, they should put it in a cup of milk and contact the dentist immediately. If the individual can insert the tooth back into the area where the tooth came out, there’s a better chance of the tooth surviving. When children’s baby teeth encounter their adult teeth as they arrive, an abscess can sometimes occur. An abscessed tooth is when an infection develops in the gums. A dentist can remove the baby tooth and the infection. This will allow the adult tooth to enter the mouth.

Teenagers and adults want their teeth to be straight and white. A family dentist can offer a variety of solutions to straighten teeth. If the teeth need to be whitened, they should be whitened professionally in a dentist’s office. This procedure takes about an hour and the color will be even and look natural. Over the counter whitening kits take upward of twelve weeks to complete whitening of the teeth. These kits contain a lower concentration of peroxide. In addition, whitening strips can slip during use, leaving a dark streak on the teeth. Missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants and chipped or discolored teeth can benefit from veneers. For help contact Cascades Dental of Centreville.

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