Eliminate the Problems of Missing Teeth Using a Dental Bridge in Panama City FL

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Dentist

Teeth are a necessary tool for eating certain foods and properly chewing food is one step in ensuring better health. Unfortunately, there are times when the teeth decay and extraction may be the only option for eliminating the damage. The problem with extracting damaged teeth is the gap that remains. This can result in the remaining teeth shifting, becoming loose or exposing more surface area to plaque and tartar.

Eliminating the gap can be handled in multiple ways, but the most common are an implant or the use of a Dental Bridge in Panama City FL. The bridge is a prosthetic device made with materials similar to those used for dentures. To ensure the device sits snugly, the dentist may anchor it to the surrounding teeth. A properly fitting bridge is almost indistinguishable from the remaining teeth. Unfortunately, the materials and certain methods used for anchoring the appliance can cause more damage to the remaining teeth.

One alternative when the patient requires a Dental Bridge in Panama City FL is a hybrid solution. That is, the dentist will use the anchor from an implant to secure the prosthesis. The size and location of the device may determine how many anchors will be required, but it is typically two. Using this technique in a larger prosthetic such as a dental plate (denture) may require four. The benefit, however, can be enormous because it avoids filing or grinding the surrounding teeth.

Another reason that a bridge may be necessary is the loss of teeth from an accident or physical injury. This usually means that the remaining teeth could have problems when used as an anchor. Once again, the use of an implant can help. In some cases, this may be the only way to thoroughly secure the prosthetic, especially when the lost teeth are molars.

If multiple teeth are missing, then it may be necessary to consider the other common prosthetic, dentures. The use of dentures takes a while to adjust to and the same applies to bridges. It can be an aggravating feeling when bridges or dentures slip. Even worse, loose dental appliances can make eating and talking difficult. If a dental appliance is in the near future, then look at more info here.

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