Details About Tooth Extractions

In Plano, dental professionals perform extractions when a tooth is too damaged to save. The procedures involve the surgical removal of the tooth while the patient is under sedation. Patients seek the procedures if their pain levels are excessive. A local oral surgeon provides tooth extractions in Plano for extremely damaged teeth.

Examining the Tooth

The first step is to examine the tooth thoroughly and identify all areas where damage exists. If it is possible for the surgeon to repair the tooth, they choose a better course of action. However, if the tooth is too damaged and is just increasing the patient’s discomfort and pain levels, the extraction is scheduled.

Treating Tooth-Related Infections

If the tooth is infected, the surgeon must manage the infection before they start the surgery. Typically, the surgeon provides antibiotics to eliminate the infection. The treatment lasts up to five days. After the infection is gone, the surgeon can perform the procedure without any unnecessary risks to the patient’s health.

Completing the Extraction

When completing an extraction, the surgeon provides anesthesia to sedate the patient first. Any portion of the gum that is in the way is surgically removed. Next, the surgeon cuts out the tooth. Some procedures require the surgeon to drill or cut the tooth into smaller pieces to remove it. If the tooth is broken below the gumline, drilling is absolutely vital to the process.

After Care Instructions After an Extraction

After any tooth extraction, the surgeon provides pain medication to manage discomfort and pain proactively. The surgeon could also provide certain antibiotics to reduce the potential for an infection. The patient should keep gauze in place according to the surgeon’s instructions. If an infection develops or there is excessive bleeding, the patient should contact their surgeon immediately.

In Plano, dental professionals eliminate health risks by extracting damaged teeth. An infected tooth could present a life-threatening condition for dental patients. Wisdom teeth are most likely to become infected and require surgical removals. Surgeons review common risks related to severely damaged teeth. Patients who need to schedule tooth extractions in Plano can check out Lone Star Dental Care.

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