The Dentists in Oyster Bay NY Treat Cavities With Laser Technology

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Dentist

With laser tools, the Dentists in Oyster Bay, NY are making cavity care much more comfortable for their patients. Gone are the old drill methods since laser technology has made its way into the dental office. With this information, individuals will understand how lasers can be used to take care of their cavities and keep the decay from destroying teeth.

Lasers Have Replaced Outdated Drills

In the past, the only means of taking care of a cavity was using an anesthetic injection to numb the tooth. The dentist would then use a drill that drilled into the tooth and removed the decayed areas. Unfortunately, these outdated dental tools were not precise and sometimes caused damage to surrounding teeth. In some cases, minute cracks would develop that led to cavities developing under a filling.

Today, patients have a much better option when it comes to having their cavities treated by the Dentists in Oyster Bay, NY. With a laser, there is no need for an anesthetic because the tool precisely removes only the diseased tooth tissue, causing no harm to the rest of the tooth or surrounding teeth. Because no heat is generated, like it is with a dental drill, there is less of a chance of damage being done to cause the tooth to need a root canal.

Laser Technology Can Also Be Used in Other Ways

In the dental office, laser technology is taking over many of the tools that were once used in dental treatments. When dental surgery is needed, the laser can replace the scalpel, causing less bleeding and a quicker healing time. Lasers can be used to treat teeth, gums, and bone tissue.

Lasers are considered safer in dental treatments because there is often no need for drugs to be given to numb the area and there is less chance of infection developing during dental surgical procedures. Lasers can replace many tools in a dental office for less pain during and after treatment.

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